Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Law of Finder's Keepers

Someone explain to me this Law of Finders Keepers...... What does it encompass? What is its limits, and how do you invoke it?

For example.... If you put items under your cart and either purposely fail to point them out to the cashier or just forget them...... and then get them out to your car..... Is it legal for you to just put them in your car and drive away?

Do you have to say "finders keepers" outloud to invoke it? What if in that same example you paid for it and put it in your cart but forgot to put it in your car..... You drive away and remember half way home and drive back only to find the cart empty..... Oh well, someone else invoked finder's keepers on you..... bad luck for you, god luck for them huh? Do you go into the store and ask them if someone turned in your item you forgot, or do you just assume they took it under the law of finders keepers?

Then, if you did check with the store on the way back to the car you remember you left the car running..... you rush back to where you parked it...... and its gone..... do you then just walk home..... after all, I am sure the person who took it invoked the law of finders Keepers....

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