Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Par for the course... a associated press story....

Federal Emergency Management Agency' name=c1> SEARCH
Emergency Management Agency
gave more than $31 million to thousands of
Floridians who may not have qualified for any disaster aid after Hurricane
Frances, one of several findings of a federal audit that said the aid system was
vulnerable to fraud.

then later in the article......

Among the questionable payouts, FEMA paid:
_ At least $9 million in rental assistance to 4,985 county residents without proof that the applicants met the criteria for aid. FEMA officials said they are reviewing inspection procedures and guidelines.
_ $720,000 to 228 applicants for personal property items based only on the applicants' verbal descriptions of the losses. FEMA agreed that documentation of items discarded could be improved and pledged to research alternatives.
_ $97,500 to replace 15 automobiles with a combined Blue Book value of $56,140, and other questionable automobile repair costs. FEMA agreed to improve its criteria and documentation for car repairs and replacement, but said the market value of cars is not its criteria for awards, but rather the cost of replacement transportation.
_ $15,743 for three funerals which the review concluded may not have been disaster-related.

9 million bucks to less than 5000 people..... and they used the terms "at least"..... so each person was give over $18,000 for rental assistance on average...... What? What? how long did we give them this assistance?

1. they were in Dade County..... thats NOT where the hurricanes hit.....

2. Does a hurricane mean "i've hit the lottery" in freeloader terms.....

aaaaaargh! We only have our system to blame.... and we turn a blind eye....

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