Monday, June 20, 2005

I am stealing an idea from another website...... Look at the picture above and write about it. whatever comes to mind. It can be a personal story..... a fiction or non fiction story i do not care....... If you cant see the picture on the ranting group come to the kirbside musings blog.


As I look back the memories start to fade, Yet it seems like only Yesterday I was standing outside the Gaumont theater in Ipswich, waiting for the MSG Concert doors to open so we could go to our "box" seats. I remember it was a normal cold British night..... My friends and I had just come from the nearby Pub where we drank a few pints and wondered if we had enough hard liquor stashed away in our jackets to last us through the concert.

As we waited a scantly clad lady.... who looked like the girl on the cover of MSG's "built to destroy" album walked up and stood next to us, while a camera rolled..... wonder if we could ever track down the footage..... perhaps its one of their video's.......

The concert rocked.... I spent most of the time direct in front of the stage..... the opening pyrotecnics almost fried me..... I felt a wave of heat as the band took the stage..... It was an awesome night.......

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