Friday, June 24, 2005

Shame on Oprah

Give me a break, here is another example of people being way to "high" on themselves......   Read the article below....  And pay special attention to the part where Oprah arrived 15 minutes after the store closing time.  The argument that others were still shopping means jack to me......   How many have you been turned away from a store because it was closed, yet those that were in thestore prior to the close time were allowed to finish shopping?

Who the hell do these reach people think they are?  Hell, if Oprah thinks she is so important why didn't she call ahead and tell them to roll out the red carpet because she was on her way.....

Now she is going to punish the store merely because they were controlling their doors after closing....  Shame on her.


Oprah's Paris Put-Off

It wasn't quite a 'Pretty Woman' snub, but executives at the legendary Hermès label are still scrambling to apologize to millionaire OPRAH WINFREY after she was reportedly turned away from their Paris store on June 14. And now Oprah's pals are speaking out!

TOM CRUISE told PAT O'BRIEN Thursday night that he was "just shocked" by the incident.

"I know that those kinds of people are not the majority," he said. "For that happen to Oprah, we all love Oprah. Oprah is such a great woman. I'm sorry that happened. I'll call her tomorrow."

The high-end designer boutique publicly apologized this week for denying the TV queen, her friend GAYLE KING and others entry to the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore store when they arrived 15 minutes after its regular closing time at 6:30 p.m.

On that particular night, "a private public relations event was being prepared inside," the statement said. But Oprah's friend Gayle tells "The Insider" that there's more to the story.

"I was there, I saw it," Gayle says. "It was really, really bad. People were in the store and they were shopping. Oprah was at the door and she was not allowed into the store. Oprah describes it herself as one of the most humiliating moments of her life."

A power player worth at least $225 million, Oprah is known for her deep pockets and generosity with gifts.

"This is someone who has bought 12 Birkin bags, none of them for herself," Gayle says. "All of the Birkin bags she has bought in the past have been gifts for friends. She had a 13th on order, which has now been cancelled."

In its apology, the luxury leather and designer goods merchant said, "Hermès regrets not having been able to welcome Madame Oprah Winfrey and the people accompanying her to give them all the attention and service that Hermès is committed to giving each of its clients in the world."

Gayle promises that Oprah will talk personally about the incident when her daytime talk show begins shooting in the fall.

"No one will tell this story better than Oprah," she says. "I'm sorry she's not taping now!"


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