Monday, August 08, 2005


Well well well....  What have we here?  The much touted Canadian Healthcare system isn't providing timely care?  Shocking!!!!  Below is from  later in the article they talk of how it would be unfair to allow private healthcare.....   so let me get this straight.....  all must suffer under that public healthcare because some wouldn't be able to pay for their own care....


Canadians have long prized their public healthcare system as a reflection of national values, and have looked askance at the inequities of private medical care in the United States.

But now that the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled private health insurers should be allowed to compete with the public system, the future of Canadian healthcare is a question mark.

In the short term, the decision may light a fire under provincial governments to improve chronic problems, especially long wait times for surgeries, tests, and treatments. Some experts believe the ruling could eventually spawn a parallel, private healthcare system here.

"For our government, it's a very strong indictment of the way they've handled the system," says Dr. Albert Schumacher, president of the Canadian Medical Association. "I hope it will move us forward in the debate. 'Private' has always been used by politicians as a very evil word, associated with America and for-profit. But it's not necessarily so."

It all started with a disgruntled doctor, Dr. Jacques Chaoulli, and his patient, George Zeliotis, a retired salesman from Quebec who waited nearly a year for a hip replacement.


The article points out that some come across the border to the USA to get CAT scans because the wait in Canada is 6 months compared to 6 days in the USA.....



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