Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Here we go again and again and again. The ol' someone is starving and we have to save them.... How many people did we save when we did Live aid? How many people are we really saving when we send money and food over and it ends up in the hands of corrupt govenments?

Population ethics..... Where do you fall? Do you want to make yourself feel good by sending money and food... and blindly think your helping? Or are you like me.... I believe we should not send food and money.... That even if the food and supplies get where we planned them to go that the short term objective of keeping the current population alive is actually a greater crime them letting them fend for themselves and either die or survive.

We keep sending aid, yet they keep starving..... Could it be because we have created a population escalator that is merely holding off the eventual mass death of thse people?

Real aid? Force their governments to actually take care of their people.

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