Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ah Relatives

Well this year has been a fun experiment. Last Sept 26th I allowed a Nephew in law (is it Nephew in law or just nephew? You'd think it would still be "in law" so anyone reading would know he is not a blood relative) to move in with My family. He left his Mommie because she kicked him out... well kicked him to us, she didn't have the balls to kick him to the street.

Well, when he got here he was given a couple of easy rules. 1. Pay $250 a month for "room and board" and Dont drink or smoke around my kids. Well, tommorrow will be 1 year and I kicked him out of the house.

1. He has done nothing to better himself.
2. He has always been 30 days or more late with the "rent"

What is strange is that Over a month ago I informed my wife that I would do nothing without her and her sisters blessing and understanding because he was paying his rent. My wife was tired of him because he waasn't doing anything around the house.... She even had a plan in which her sister would come over (when they took the trip to mexico) and tell her son he had to leave.... Well she didn't tell him anything except that my wife was growing tired of him.

Then to weeks ago he calls me a racist.... And I give him two weeks to move out.... Two weeks is up this wednesday..... But I was sound asleep before going to work today and he woke me up with his laughing in the livingroom (all by himself) As far as I knew he was supposed to be at work (i got him a job at my place of work), but obviously he wasn't still working there.

I walked out to the livingroom, turned off the TV and told him he needed to move out tonight. I then told him that the reason it moved up two days was because he broke the rule of giving his work two weeks notice before he left.

I then told him that he owed me $270 for unpaid rent and for a bike of mine he got stolen but didnt have the balls to tell me. I told him the rent money was for the first month rent he never paid.

To show you this man's intelligence..... sheesh.... He walks back out with the Carbon for a check dated oct 26th. "I paid the first month he says" I owe you for this month.... Thats when I said.... Since when do you pay for rent AFTERWARDS?

Anyways, got more to say on this issue, but will save it for later... Suffice to say my wife and I failed to help him the same way the federal government fails.... we provided a subsidy.... and he did nothing with it.

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