Monday, October 17, 2005


Was sitting down to watch a DVR'ed episode of E Ring.... A few minutes into it a Black Character is trying to get Ben Bratts Character to look into a possible massacre in Brundi.... Bratt's character says there isn't enough evidence to warrant any action by him... but thats not good enough for the black character... She asks (paraphrased) Would it matter if the victims were white instead of black.

The writers left Bratts character to portray the situation like he couldnt be bothered.... Rather than an issue of race, in fact they give credibility to her assertion when he tells her to look into it further.... I stopped the DVR and walked away in disgust... perhaps I will watch it later, I hope the show redeems itself.

They could have talked about how the Pakistani situation was a vital national interest in comparison to Brundi which would at best be a humanitarian concern, but not Vital US interest.... Yet instead they teach that your race does matter......

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