Saturday, October 22, 2005

Michelle Malkin Links to LGF's post that points out that the American Friends Service committee plans to throw "events" all over America when the US death toll hits 2000 in Iraq.

Now while I support the war in Iraq, as well as the broader war against those who want to harm the United States I was more willing to give this committee a chance. I went to their Website and I saw nothing of value.

While I found their Campaign schedule (waiting until 2000 dead mark) to be disgusting, what really put me in agreement with Malkin and LGF is what they have on their website.... and I guess it is what they do at their "Wage Peace" events....

Reading of the Names: You can find a list of all U.S. casualties to read aloud
at your event. We suggest alternating U.S. names with Iraqi names
They then give you a link here. Where they "guess" how many Iraqi's died because of the "Wrong political decision" to go to war. It is interesting how they are trying to Connect both the Coalition Deaths as well as the Civilian Iraqi deaths as all being caused by the Bush Administration and that stopping the war will solve everything. I do not see any discussion on how the problems prior to the War would have been fixed.

It sickens me when Men and Women of Honor are dismissed as mere Victims of a "senseless war" instead of Honored as hereos. These Peaceniks are clueless to the realities of real life....

They push their agenda on our kids....

For teachers, a companion reader is included that provides an historical context of A regional strife, a glossary of Middle East terms, a bibliography, information about stereotypes, and an overview of the 1991 Gulf War, including the ramifications of the nine-year embargo imposed on Iraq by the United Nations Security Council.

yea, that's a balanced approach to the issues. How about the fact that the embargo was a joke... that the only one's who suffered were those who did not support Saddam.

The United Nations, and international law is a joke. The truth about International relations is That there are no laws governing it.

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