Saturday, October 15, 2005

Million's More to steal march...

Wow.... It's amazing how the so called Black "leaders" shake down their own people..... Asking them to send $1 a week doesn’t seem like much, but imagine if they actually have a million people listening to them that will send it just one week, let alone week after week?

Guess who is to blame for all the ills of the world? Louie says ....

We should "take America back" from the rich and give it to the people if it is really "of the people"... take it back from the land owners, the white males!

As a white male I hear this a lot, that if not for me the world would be a better place. Seems that the real minority in today's society is the white male....

Everyone blames the white male....Hell, the race riots in Toledo were the fault of the Nazi's who wanted to march a few city blocks.... It couldn't have been the fault of black gang members looking to take advantage of the march to riot and loot.... Now don't get me wrong, I have no love for Nazi's, but in America we allow Idiots to march if they get the permits....Was it the Nazi's that turned over cars and put them on fire? Looted Bars and stores?

So while Louie and Al and Jessie hung out shaking down their "own people" (as they like to divide us Americans) others rioted in Toledo.... I wonder if there will be a connection made to the two events. Will the Rhetoric of the events in Washington D.C. be found to have stirred up Toledo?

By the way, I will get a tip jar up soon..... Once I get it on my blog please send me $1 a week..... I promise not to be a white male oppressor

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