Monday, October 10, 2005


Should the events in Spain....errr... what Spain says is Spain give the United States Ideas on how to secure its borders?

Laurence of at TBIFOC sees the treatment of the events at Ceuta and Melilla by the UN, hell by the rest of the world, contrasted against their views of the Israeli fortifications in Gaza.

Let’s put aside the issue of who owns Ceuta and Melilla. Instead let's think about what Spain is doing to keep Africans from crossing into their Territory. They are laying rows and rows of razor wire.... and the "migrants" are still climbing through the wire to get to "Europe".

Imagine what the world would say, let alone our own people, if we did that at our borders.

Then when they pick up these "migrants" they take them out to the desert and release them without food and water.... Once again, imagine if the US did the same thing.

What does the UN say about the events? That we need to create economic opportunities in West Africa.

Yea.... Whatever.

Some reading material on these events...

Telegraph. and here.

Strange how, even as they report these illigals as migrants they fail to attack the Spainish government for being so callous.....

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