Friday, November 25, 2005

Beggars and me.

I have always been a recovering liberal. I always wanted to help people.... Yet many would not believe that when they hear my stance on giving money to street people and panhandlers. The easy answer to someone asking for a handout is to give it. It makes you feel good for giving, in the hopes that those few pennies or dollars made a difference in that persons life... After all what would you have done with it? Supersized a meal instead of just a standard size? Yet I believe my stance is actually more helpful. I believe we should never give to someone asking for money on the street.

Giving them money only furthers their current position. Whatever their reason for asking for a handout is, if you give to them they know they will continue to "survive" with the current system they have.

If everyone stopped giving to them they would have to find another solution to their problem.... Be it move home to Mom and Dad.... Go to a shelter, a church....

Notice how many people are asking for money? Do you know why they do it? Because it works!!!!!

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