Saturday, November 12, 2005

Devil's Rejects....

Well just finished watching "the devils Rejects". This is the sequel to the "House of 1000 Corpses" by Rob Zombie. These are not Horror movies for the faint of heart. If Freddie, Jason and Mikey Myers are too graphic for you do not watch these movies.

My wife asked me to put the movie in yeterday afternoon and I told her we couldn't because the kids were still up.... Sure enough... After the wife and kids went to bed I put the movie on.. (unrated version) and the first scene is depicts a naked woman's body being dragged through a forest..... No way the kids can watch this.

It was an interesting twist how Rob Zombie showed the :firefly" family suffering.... I had feelings that varied from scene to scene... My first feeling was Kill em, and kill em quick..... cuz if you don't.....

Then It was like, if you kill them here the saga was over.... Yet the first ending was telegraphed from the start. I won't go on aboutit in case you desire to see the movie..

Yea, it is a sick, sick movie.... I guess that is why I liked them both.

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