Monday, November 28, 2005

For poor, housing wait gets longer

....Damn, It must be a Bitch to have to wait for years for a HANDOUT. Check out the last paragraph.....

Advocates say the solution is more federal aid. "People wait years for housing assistance," says Sheila Crowley of the National Low-Income Housing Coalition. "They should not be delayed because somebody else is getting their money."

That's right.... You read it.... somebody else is getting THEIR money. Not the taxpayers money, their money. They wait for years. I wonder what would happen if they stopped waiting for a handout and actually did something.... Like work..... Take control of their lives and not have kids they can't afford..... Actually live within their means and save to accomplish something?

Hell, I can hear them now.... "we did do something.... we waited.... we waited for a long time.... Now we deserve to be rewarded for waiting..."

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