Saturday, November 05, 2005

Freedom of Speech?

Here's another link to my favorite Liberals website where he comments about two football players being able to play football even though they are in the process of being suspended, and perhaps kicked out of school. He, of course, is looking at it from the angle that these kids get special treatment because they are jocks..... I see it differently.

How dare the school even bring them up on charges? All americans have the freedom to write about whatever they wish. It is not the schools place to monitor the content of a students writing. I do not care what the content is about....

Journal writing..... AKA "kids you must sit down and write about something" shouldnt be "judged" graded, fine... but to suspend someone because they wrote about killing someone? Hell, I should have been locked up back in 1984.... When I wrote about killing just about everyone in my high school......

Sheesh, here we are, 20 years later and I havent killed anyone, who would have thunk it?

The real travesity is that I am sure many other students wrote racial and ethnic slurs, bashed republicans and even talked of killing public figures..and they were left alone... but when power hungry liberals in small places have the power to destroy young minds they dont agree with they relish it.

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