Sunday, November 20, 2005

"What happen's in vegas, stays in Vegas"

"What happen's in vegas, stays in Vegas"... and a new series of commercials that some clothes designer is doing.... Disgust me. It is one thing if the person they are talking about is a single person who wants to go and have fun in Vegas.... but one of these recent ones show a woman deceiving a man as to what she did in Vegas... and he is atleast a boyfriend, if not the husband.

People who think going off to Vegas, Marti gras, etc, etc and think it is ok to cheat on their spouses, significant others disgust me. If you cannot adjust or handle being committed to one person do not marry or get involved.

"I need to unwind".... "just a night out" are copouts. and selfish.

I wish they would stop giving idiots the visual cue to be idiots.

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