Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tookie Should Die.

Tookie is a killer plain and simple. He was found guilty and sentanced to death. The Murders occured in 1979.... He has been allowed to live 26 years after he killed these INNOCENT people. These people were not other gang members they were innocent people killed because Tookie decided to kill them.

Articles like this give me hope, as well as sorrow. Hope in that the John and Ken show have the balls to call it like it is. They have a tookie must die hour to promote the carrying out of the orders of all the judges who have reviewed this case.

I feel sorrow because of all the people who "side" with him. Who is on the side of those he killed? Can you guys give them clemency?

Update.... Michelle has a good round up of the real truth of this individual.

Update #2 Narcissistic views on News/Politics has more here.

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