Sunday, December 25, 2005


Ah, I was once young, dumb and full of, "it".... Now I am getting so very very old.... Skid Rows "I remember you" is currently blaring out of my Computer speakers... (Powerful set).. I actually turned them down a bit.... what happened to "play it loud mutha!!" (twisted sister reference to the young and uninitiated) Just skipped through my shuffle stuff until another one of my oldie favorites came up.... Scandals "the warrior", another one that I consumed mass quantities while crankin it out..... (Mass quantities is homage to what show?) Ah, then there is "Black tiger" by Y&T...... Waking up my neighbors on Xmas Day!!!! Used to listen to this while hanging out with Eddie Kirk a Airman Charles Halt and I met while going to see Rush at wembly Arena.... This is my ticket, but that’s the one we went to... 6 pounds..... To Wembly Arena.... imagine going to a concert here in the states for about 9-10 bucks.

Anyway, we used to hangout with Eddie and get him to bet us for beer and booze.... He was like 18, and Charles and I were seniors in High School on the base. These airmen just got out of high school themselves and probably were all light weight drinkers in the states.... No match for Charles and I who drank Alcohol like it was water.... and we were very thirsty...

Once won two cases of beer from Eddie by first betting him I could out drink him 2 to 1, then after he gave up that contest I bet him I could then drink a pint of Jim Beam and still party the rest of the night without Puking.... He did his best to get me to puke.... But of course I won.

Ah, those were the days.....

But that was then.... Now... I dont drink, Dont party and dont care. Hell give me a beer and I'll be buzzed.

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