Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ah, Family.

Here it is Xmas day... Kids are at my parents... (we were there last night celebrating Xmas, opening presents)... Wife is at work making triple time.... and her sister Carmen just called.... She didn't say it was her, but I am pretty good at voice recognition and I know it was her.... She says "Is Yecenia there"...Instead of "Hi Thom, Merry Xmas!, is my sister there?" So I answer her like I answer all other people who just ask for someone... "No, she is at work" She then hangs up.

Lovely. This is the Mom of the kid I took into my house and gave a chance to start over.... This is the one who failed to provide him with the tools to make it on his own... (he is now back with mommie with no job) This is the one who is now blaming me for his inability to get a job.... (they are saying I am gving him bad references.... havent giving any)


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