Saturday, December 03, 2005

deadpool 2006

Karl Malden. - hey, he is old..... its time.
Sargent Shriver - another old guy.... and a lefty
Osama Bin Laden - If we can't find him, perhaps he will die of his own ailments.
Michael Jackson - prospect of jail might be to much, besides....he might get it while in jail.
Peter Boyle - Sorry Peter, your old.......
OZZY OSBOURNE - prince of Fucking Darkness returns home.
Fidel Castro - Someone pushes him this time.
Gerald Ford - Hell, as clumsy as he was he should be dead already.....
Jim Nabors - pleaseBill Clinton - Pretty please
Shamil Basayev - watch out for Putin.
nicole ritchie - OD anyone?
robert novak - One more slip in the shower....
danny devito - Dunno why i picked Danny... He didnt look well last time I say him..... hmmm, we will see.
robert altman - friggin old guy.

hmmm, wait a minute..... that was last years picks, and no one died....... hmmmm..... let me think about this one.....

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