Tuesday, December 20, 2005

response to comments made here.

a few days ago I was visisted by a blooger from the left(after I visited his website.... I think I wandered into it through blogger) He talked to me for awhile then his "webmaster" piped in.... Below is a few of the comments... You can see them in their original state in the comments section of this post.

Here is TL's first post.

Good evening, this is TL, webmaster of The Snow Job. I was advised by GS to take a gander at this site.After a cursory examination of your interaction with fellow Snow Job contributor, GS, and reading the above, I must disagree with you that "all thing discussed by the right wing are right wing talking points."Wikipedia states: "The strategy [of talking points]is to create a meme and make the idea a common assumption by sheer means of repetition. Talking points are often gross simplifications of issues, and become name calling if used too often."I think that last sentence is particularly telling. There is a material difference between offering a well-thought argument with reasonable supporting evidence and simply resorting to "gross simplifications" that "become name calling."Suggesting an individual pursues an agenda of hate or that by their viewpoint encourages additional terrorist attacks are prime examples of just such behavior. And yes, those are two of the most common charges floating around the blogosphere. You offered absolutely no supporting evidence to back up these accusations.And with all due respect, you appear to be very much adherent to the neo-con perspective, at least judging by your posts on our site. Your arguments are very similar to those of many other posters on conservative blogs, unfortunately, I imagine most of those posters are younger and more ill-informed than an married man with a family would be.I don't believe GS "went silent" because you stated you are not a follower. I talked with GS earlier today and to briefly paraphrase, he told me that he was getting tired of banging his against a conservative brickwall. We are always willing to exchange ideas with people of a different feather, but there's no benefit to arguing with folks who resort to the most stock of arguments.Despite checking out the right-wing blogoshere today, I hadn't seen Reid knew about the tapping. I'd have expected that to have been picked up on. Would you be so kind as to post the link?TL Homepage 12.18.05 - 6:46 pm #
My reply
well, its still a little tricky but if you go here....http://www.foxnews.com/click on the video section.... then the picture of Reid.... you will hear the commentator talk about how he admitted to knowing about the order months ago.... I suspect he knew years ago, but all of this is classified, so I am sure it will be hard for anyone of us to know the full extend of knowledge....Question is, If this was such a terrible thing, then why didn't Reid do something once he found out?Could it be this is really much ado about nothing?Merely politics?as for "name calling" I notice your site seems to relish in it. With post titles like "fucking twit".I believe what I believe and I practice what I preach.... err, perhaps preach isnt a good word since I am not religious.When GS talks about climate change he points fingers at Bush, yet he has not stated what he does in his personal life to prevent "global warming"glad you stopped by, come back often....Kirbside Homepage 12.18.05 - 7:26 pm #

BTW, I feel honored that GS had to talk to "big brother" webmaster.... Don't worry, I do not go for back up....Kirbside Homepage 12.18.05 - 7:29 pm #

TL responds
Thanks for the link, however belittling you were in your instructions. It appears Mr Reid was indeed briefed, thought not til years after this program had begun. Perhaps he respected the secrecy of it initially? After all, the revelation of it has "compromised our national security", according to you and the President. So in that respect anyone who knew was caught between a rock and a hard place.I don't think it's much ado about nothing when members from both parties are discussing an investigation. Or are the Republicans who are going that route somehow playing politics, too? Core Bush defenders seem eager to surrender freedoms that were earned with blood. I don't think the rest of America is willing to. When did the party of limited government become the party of Big Brother? I'm surprised the "girly" liberals are the only ones who have a problem with this. Particularly troubling is the fact that roughly this type of surveillance was already legal - even if time was of the essence, spying could begin before getting a warrant if a judge was contacted within 72 hours. Seems to me the only reason this program was needed was to spy on people we wouldn't otherwise be able to get the papers to monitor.As for the language contained on our sites, I don't edit posts. My functions are mainly technical - tinkering with the layout/design, link maintenance, blog ads, etc. I agree the wording might be considered inappropriate by some, but what else would you expect from left-wing nut jobs? Might as well play the role. You'd find the same on many conservative blogs. I found it interesting you had no problem telling GS he pushes the hate agenda and welcomes terrorist attacks but then called him childish for saying such unsubstantiated comments could be construed as the work of a dumb ass.In regards to matters of faith, the religious right is part of your party, so you're associated with Falwell and Robertson as much as we are with Sheehan.I was particularly perplexed by your fixation on environmental issues. CW is actually the individual who posts about the environment as that is one of his "pet issues." Regardless, GS pointed out a few simple ways he is, and we all can, work to limit our energy consumption. Those are concrete actions on an individual level. Have you single-handed broken the cycle of welfare and engendered personal respobsibility among the poor? I doubt it. We all do what we can and advocate for change. Just because we haven't solved global warming doesn't mean we can't suggest we need to work to slow/stop it.By typing "global warming" do you mean to tell me you don't think it's a fact? I THINK the science is pretty conclusive, although I suppose we can always find someone who is willing to substantiate what we want to believe. It'd be rather fitting that a coastal area like California would be affected well before here in Ohio...TL Homepage 12.18.05 - 8:09 pm #

Comments in regards to the comments above.

1. I wasn't intending to be belittling in my directions to the link.... I only gave you the main page of the foxnews network and I was unsure if they would alter their website in an update and move link ooff the main page. Once again, rather than have a discourse it seems people on your site come to battle. You seem to be more rational than GS.

2. As far as GS offering solutions to/ and things he could do. Unless it was in another post on your blog, he did not. He basically said Bush is going to get us all killed. When I asked what he was doing in his life he said. "for what its worth my next car is going to be a hybrid" If he really believe in global warming as a threat then why not make changes immediately?

3. As far as "Have you single-handed broken the cycle of welfare and engendered personal respobsibility among the poor? " I never said it is the Job of GS to solve global warming. I asked if he walks the talk. I guess when he gets the new car he thinks he will.... i suggest he tries to ween off gas power all together if he really believes it.... Hybrids still have gas.

As far as what I do for the "poor" I advocate the repeal of all the programs that hurt them. These are basically all the welfare programs. Without them I think they would do much better.

On a personally level I took in a family member who needed a fresh start and a chance to improve his life. I let this young man live in my house and even gave him a $9 an hour job (with 12 hours of overtime a week) All I asked was he do for himself. To go to college, to get serious about his life. The results are here. We failed because we didn'y make him live life as it is. We subsidized his living... He couldnt live in around here for less than 800 a month, plus utilities... we subsidized his living, and he took it for all he could. So we got burned, but we are learning from that.

We plan on having other family members come and stay.

We also help our family in Morales mexico. My wifes aunt and Uncle live in morales.... just accross from Yuma, AZ.... They live a very modest life. It would be an eye opener to those who cry poverty here.

We do not give them much, but then very little is very much to them. So we try to be careful in that we respect their independance, and do not want them to feel beholding to anyone.

....to further answer your question.... I vote for people who disagree with welfare programs. eople who understand that it creates a cycle of poverty and dispair.

4. your comment...By typing "global warming" do you mean to tell me you don't think it's a fact? I THINK the science is pretty conclusive, although I suppose we can always find someone who is willing to substantiate what we want to believe. It'd be rather fitting that a coastal area like California would be affected well before here in Ohio...TL

eh... I am not so worried... Worse case we Humans wipe ourselves out.... Earth will go on. Reality is I do not agree with the role of Kyto to punish the UNited states for being the best. We have, and are working to reduce our emmisions. Why give third world countries a pass? If you look at this article it brings up a few good points.

perhaps we should exterminate all termites?
How about no more cows....
Hell, lets do a war between china and India.... That'll knock down the world population....

as for california and Ohio.....

I live aproxx 1100 feet above sea level..... With a mountain over 7000 feet in elevation in my front yard.... You on the other hand live in ohio....

Highest Point
The highest point in Ohio is Campbell Hill. It's 1,549 feet above sea level.
Lowest Point
The lowest point in Ohio is the Ohio River. It lies 455 feet above sea level.
Mean Elevation
The Mean Elevation of the state of Ohio is 850 feet above sea level.

california stats....

Highest Point
The highest point in California is Mt. Whitney at 14,494 feet. Mt. Whitney is the highest mountain in the contiguous 48 states. Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in Alaska, rises 20,320 feet above sea level and is the highest point in the United States.
Lowest Point
The lowest point in California is in Death Valley. Death Valley lies 282 feet below sea level and is the lowest point in the United States.
Mean Elevation
The Mean Elevation of the state of California is 2,900 feet above sea level.

So my question to you is who will suffer if the sea level rises 800 feet? (rather large rise) while it would be terible for LA and surrounding areas and I would suffer all of horrors of their relocation..... I am way above sea level.... the great lakes are right above you.... who is to say you wont be under water before me?

Then if the global warming causes the next ice age..... once again..... I wonder which of us will be impacted more directly? I sit a lot closer to the equator than you do.

eh, I am feeling lightheaded again..... be back later....


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