Sunday, December 25, 2005

Shuffle list.

Todays's shufle list so far.. From currently playing to first....

1. I know what I want. No Secrets
2. Fantasy Girl. 38 special.
3. I am going to be alright. J LO, Nas
4. Friends in low places. Garth Brooks
5 Cradle of love. Billy Idol.
6. Dead on arrival. Grim Reaper.
7. Dont be afriad of the dark. Y&T.
8. She's come undone. The Guess who.
9. Sara. Fleetwood Mac.
10. Love Song. AC/DC... (wasnt this on my last one? Shuffle seems to like this song)
11. I surrender. Rainbow.
12. Let the music play. Shannon.
13 Invaders. Iron Maiden.

Last sundays shuffle. 12-18-05

Hmmm, Perhaps I will rename this to the "sunday shuffle, with parts due to it happening mostly on Sundays.... stay runed, more shuffling later....

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