Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So what?

Once again another report on how the poor are "downtrodden" and need help. I disagree. I do not agree with the report, its variables, or its findings.

1. People should not be having families while on Min. wage. If you chose to have a family while making Min. wage it is your fault and your responsibility.

2. I remember a recent report that shows that 80% of Min. Wage earners are youngsters (still in high school, just out of high school) Min. wage is entry level.... It is where you start.

3. If you find yourself making Min. Wage and supporting a family, even if you can afford to rent and only spend 30% of your income it would still be a good idea to "double up" with another family and share expenses..... Then save for your own home.....Future..

Problem is, everyone plans for today.....

I just put 50% of my gross income into my mortgage this month...... Now that is because I want to pay my mortgage off 12 years early, or should I spend it on new cars, Tv's, etc, etc?

Personal responsibilty.... It is a wonderful thing, When taken.

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