Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Truth, Does it matter?

If anyone ever see's something on my Blog that is no true(objectively) please let me know so I can review and correct.

You have to wonder. Why hasn't Snow Job corrected their post about the kid and the little red book.? I justed commented on their blog, perhaps they will have integrity and update the post to reflect the truth.... or maybe just delete it as it doesn't fit their point of view. In case they do, here is what they say in part....

The domestic spying rings that President Bush authorized in 2002 go
beyond individuals with Al-Queda/terrorist ties. It's not just a matter of
national security, the official talking point proffered by the Bush
administration. There is something more sinister and dangerous developing, particularly when the government starts

Why does it seem we live in a totalitarian state? A college student
writing and researching a paper on fascism and totalitarianism, an American citizen, is being investigated clandestinely by the government. This kind of shit is part of the PATRIOT ACT...and this protects our individual liberties in what way?

The truth is it was a hoax. Even lefty blogs are posting retractions.... How many like snow job wont? Are they planning to make it another great truth about the evil right even though it never happened?

How many lefties got suckered? Atleast be true and post a retraction.... (should update post as well because some might only hit upon old post)

UPDATE 12/28/08

Well they put an update on the site, right after I comment on it.... but not before.... The truth was clearly out in the open on the 24th, but they failed to update.... Notice the update....

Update: As it turns out, this international story is a hoax, crafted by the
college student himself. SouthCoastToday has the story.Against
the backdrop of domestic surveillance and spying without warrants, the Red Book
story only added fuel to the fire. If I didn't think it wasn't a credible story,
I wouldn't have posted it. But I'll admit a mistake, unlike the President.

Gotta love that.... Fail to update until shown to be the political hack you are.... then still get in a unfair slam on the president...... Then in comments he writes....

It isn't shameful. When I learned of the hoax, I was going to post an update. As
you can see, now, it has been accomplished. By the way, use your blogspace to
discuss real issues from your conserative slant instead of making a non-issue
post about the Snow Job.Andy in Cincy Homepage 12.28.05 - 2:59 am #

Sorry Andy.... I call em as a see them... seemed to be an issue until I pointed it out.... Wasn't like you were not posting for the holidays.... you posted on other subjects yet failed to correct the issue....

My response in their comments is as follows.

strange how you didnt update until I mentioned your failure to do so, several days after the truth came to light.

Either way, fine by me.... It is updated.

Thank you.
Kirbside Homepage 12.28.05 - 4:26 pm #
Glad one truth was finally acknowledged.... It is a start.

UPDATE #2 12/28/05

BTW ... Someone from Snow Job was hanging out here for 40 minutes last night.... Wonder if they were looking for a "mistake" on my part. Hell, I am sure there is a problem..... Go ahead, point it out and I will correct it.

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