Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wake up walmart.

Gotta love these anti capitalist websites..... Here is an example of the garbage on there.

...The rest of his memories as a three-year Wal-Mart employee aren't so pleasant. Hindman, a meatcutter for Kroger in Greenbrier, Ark. and member of Little Rock Local 2008, says that at Wal-Mart there's constant stress about sales. The atmosphere is full of pressure, he says. "If your work was caught up and you were talking to other guys in the backroom, a manager would crack you down and say you needed to be cutting meat."

How about that.... according to this "Union" site it is ok to hang out and talk if your work is "caught up" Who defines "caught up", and who really thinks it is ok to just hang out and do nothing at work? Anyon have a clue as to the amount of lost productivity do to this kind of crap?

"Well they tell me I have to make 8 widgets an hour, so after I make 8 I take a break until the hour is over"

People wonder why Unions are at risk.....

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