Sunday, December 18, 2005


Ah, a subject near and dear to my heart…..  Cell phones and other wireless devices….  Looks like Movie theater owner want to be able to block Cell phone access in their theaters.  I am with them….  We should be able to block wireless access in any property we own as US citizens.  If I want a wireless block in my house I should be allowed to have one, as long as its blocking range doesn’t enter into someone else’s property.  Yet we as American cannot legally block Cell phone or wireless access at the moment.  The reason given is that we might block an “emergency” phone call.  Not just  private people, but to doctors and other lifesavers who might be in the area “blocked”  While I understand this argument, and give it some validity I go back to pre cell phone age….  How did you get a hold of people prior to cell phones and pagers?  

I say allow them to be blocked….  Just make sure it is clearly posted that they are blocked so people can make their choices…..  If you don’t want your Phone blocked, don’t go in….

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