Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chris Matthews

Wow. I was checking in on my Brothers Blog and I see this post. I have never liked Chris Matthews. In my eyes he stands for most, if not all, of the things I dislike about the liberal left. Yet, if you read the blog that was opened up to attack him you would thing he was Karl Rove not Chris Matthews.

You have only yourself to blame Chris. These are your people. They turned on you like a pack of wild dogs smelling blood. So much for all that you have done for the left. Your Bio means nothing to them now. Who cares about your work with the Peace Corp? Who cares that you wrote speeches for Carter. Who cares that you carry the torch for the left on so many things...

You attacked Mikey Moore and mentioned that Mike Savage calls BrokeBack mountain bareback mounting... then Imus called it Fudgepack mountain... Opps, you had a little fun at the expense of a Movie the left is calling a love story... Yet its really about infidelity. Who can say it is anything other than that? They marry, have children, yet still meet up for sex?

Watch out!! the left you helped create is knocking on your door.

I just hope you take a few of them with you.

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