Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hate America First. Part 1

I was given this link today.

What do you think of America?
Land of the free, home of junk food, or global
policeman: What do you think of America?

The programme also revealed that News Online readers voted Homer
Simpson as the Greatest American in history.

What do you think of America?
Who is the greatest American? What is the USA's best, and worst, contribution to
the world?

Gotta love those Ignorant foreigners.... It just goes to show you that everyone has misperceptions about everyone else. Case in point is the vote to make Homer Simpson the greatest American in history. First it was an online thing.... If Homer wasn't a choice I am sure Mickey Mouse would have won. Second... As Shah mentions on that posts comments section;

Note to the BBC: Homer Simpson was the creation of a Canadian - he
likened the character to his dad. So Homer's a Canadian. Who's having the last laugh here? Shah, USA

I am going to cherry pick from the comments and talk about them here. This whole post was prior to Bush getting re-elected, so while dated many of the views they espouse here are still their views today I am sure. Onto the first comment.

85% of Americans do not have a registered passport. For my US readers, this means 85% of Americans have never left the 'homeland'. Is there anything else to say? Koko, Canada

Sure Koko, there is a lot left to say. I do not have a passport at the moment. So I am one of the 85% you mention. Does that mean I do not travel abroad? Being that I spent a couple of weeks up in Canada last year(Lake Huron area), that cannot be true. I also go to Mexico often.

Oh, but then you might say I haven't seen the "old world" of Europe. I went to high school in the United Kingdom, and traveled with my family throughout Europe. Peruse this blog and you will see Pictures of me and my family at various locations in Europe.

What is it that an American is supposed to learn by going to foreign countries? Let me know so I can figure out if I learned that, or got a different perspective.

Ignorance is not reserved to the United States. Yet I have noticed more and more that true freedom might be limited to the United States at the moment.

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