Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pittsburgh Versus Denver

Well Pittsburgh needs to get past Denver to reach the superbowl. All I can say is here we go again. Can Cowher get by Denver this time? I hope so, the steelers are good enough, I hope they bring their "A" game.

I still think it will be a Carolina/Pittsburgh superbowl.... now that will be a game.

So you all know where I will be in a couple of hours.....

I will liveblog this tell the end

good stop of Denver on their first drive.
Scary start for Pittsburgh offense, 3 points better than nothing.

3-0 pittsburgh


I do not like the two plays for Bettis, but the TD to Wilson makes up for it!!!

10-0 pittsburgh.

We need another good stop right now to keep Denver out of the game... A fumble recovery on the kickoff would be nice.

What?!! out of bounds? Come on Reed.... 2 and 10 and Plummer runs... hit him damn it, he didnt slide!!

Good Job Troy!!

argh! wrap em up!!!!

come on guys.... stop em hold them to a field goal!!!

Good job holding them to 3, but we should have stopped them at 4 and inches... wrap em up!!!

10-3 pittsburgh

3rd and 9.... that will work, bring on Bettis..... Bettis, hold onto the ball and just hit the middle.... play action to Heath Miller would also be good. 2 minute warning.

Faneca plows the hole.... Bettis falls in...

17-3 pittsburgh

way to go Ike.... now put the nails in the coffin.....

argh!! hines ward!!!! that was going to be such a sweet TD for Bettis....

I guess he made the penalty so he would get the score!!!

24-3 pittsburgh

HALFTIME--- Four Offensive drives 4 scores. Pittsburgh gets the ball first.... another 7 would more than seal it.

good opening drive, but we didnt score...

Great defense, almost a safety there..... now we need another score. If we head into the fourth with a 3 touchdown lead I dont see this Denver coming back.... another score would seal it.

damn good hit by baily on Ward.... lets see if we can pin them again....

I'll take it on the three again..... let's get that safety this time.

we that sucked.....

24-10 pittsburgh

Now onto the fourth quarter.... need to run off some time and atleast get a fieldgoal.

There we go, took the sack, but kept us in FG range...

27-10 pittsburgh 13:38 to go.

One good stop, then one long drive and we are in the Superbowl.

Larry!! Larry!!! Foote intercepts!!!! just run off the time...

well only knocked off 2 minutes, but they are on their 15 now....

ack, here we are... I knew this game wasnt over.... we have to drive this ball..... 7:52 left we cannot afford just to run 2 minute series..... atleast two first downs this next drive....

27-17 pittsburgh

Phuck!!! we didnt even knock off two minutes!!!!

Denver has the ball on their 19 yard line.... 6:12 to go.

good job stopping them, even got a fumble. then punished them with a score....

Games over, we are off to the Motor City.

34-17 Pittsburgh.

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