Monday, January 02, 2006

Shopping carts....

If you haven't figured out yet I strongly believe in personal responsibility. This includes how you treat other people’s property.

It is a nationwide problem.....Last night I took a drive over to my brothers and on the way back on 1 block I saw 3 carts that we left there. 1 shot didn’t make it, but here are two of the three.

Now had I taken a spin around the Store (about a mile from where these carts were) I could have fanned out and found dozens. This is theft, plan and simple. When someone takes the cart off the property of a store it is theft. Many have signs that warn that it is a crime. If your taking the cart home because you have no car be honorable enough to take it back. What? Too much of an inconvience? Sure was convent enough to take it all the way home. Do you push it back when you go to the store later in the week or do you just expect someone else to do it? Theft, Plain and simple.

Others take them to the bus stop and then leave them when the bus arrives. What? Couldn’t bother to take them out of the basket and carry them to the bus stop? You must have bought only enough to carry, because how else will you get them from the bus to your house when you get off the bus?


How about all the carts left all over the parking lot and not immediately available to the next customer? Added cost to the store, which equals added cost to the consumer.

I suggest a system like Verlok's. Basically you put in a quarter, use the cart, then when you bring it back and put it where it belongs it returns the quarter. Great system. City councils need to mandate all stores move to such a system. It would fix the issue of carts all over town and even left in the stores parking lot.

I am sure where these systems are already in place Beggars are asking to return your cart for you so they will get the quarter.

If a lazy person leaves it in the parking lot I am sure a thrifty person or a beggar will grab it.

Leave it a mile from the store... once again a beggar; kid who wants a quarter or a thrifty person will grab it.

Hell, I'd make the deposit 1 dollar.

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