Friday, January 27, 2006


I do not watch much TV anymore... But what I do watch I watch a lot of it. Case in Point, Smallville. I never watched this before last year, I didn't think it would be worthy of my time. I was wrong.

I currently have my DVR set to record the repeats that play on the family channel as well as the new ones that come out on the WB. The writing is well done, and I really enjoy seeing how they bring in Characters from the Comic Series. Then Yesterdays 100th episode.

I was disappointed how quickly they moved from Clark telling/showing Lana who he was... through the proposal and acceptance, then Lana's Death then to Clarks time travel and his Dad's death.... There were so many levels of discussion that could have went on.

1. When Clark talked to Lana we should have seen more of Lana's reaction. As well as more of Clark and Lana discussing the past in reference to Lana's new knowledge of Clark. Very little.

2. Lana never talks to Chloe about Clarks powers.... perhaps cut for time?

3. When Clark runs up to Lana's side after the crash Lex see's him suddenly appear out of thin air (superspeed), yet they do not allow time for this to play out farther.

4. We could have had a few days of an out and out war between Lex and Clark over Lana's death. Lex knowing about Clark and Clark mad at Lex for Lana's death. perhaps we still will see Clarks anger at Lex because he didn't forget the events even though they never happened (after his time travel)

The Funeral made me sick.... Lionel Luthor was already scoping out Martha Kent. Her husband wasnt even all the way in the grave yet.

Anyway. I enjoy Smallville. Probably because it takes me back to my comic book reading days... I look forward to catching up on the four years I missed... I think I have seen about 30 or 40 of the 100 total episodes.

I noticed that Pete isnt in the current storyline... Where is he or what happened to him?

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