Saturday, January 21, 2006

So what?

I love article's like this one. I read Brian Jenkin's RAND reports on the possible negative consequences of decapitation strategies back in my National Security Studies Masters program. Atleast he made the comment to this reporter that just because it might not stop the terrorists it doesnt mean you dont attempt to decapitate their leadership.

After reading stuff like this I always wonder what they want us to get from it. By their numbers we have a 1 and 5 chance of defeating the terrorist with a decapitation strike. What would they have us do? Give in to the demands of these terrorists?

Brian Jenkins always warned that you had to be careful with assasination strategies because you never knew who would replace the person you took out. You gambled that that person might be even worse than the one you killed. I do not think we have to worry about that here. The current leadership doesnt seem to have any boundries it is unwilling to cross, so a change of leadership might do us good.

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