Thursday, February 02, 2006

ah.... those little Mazdas....

on the way home a little Mazda (i think its one of those rx-8 deals... (about 240 hp) passes me doing a hundred or so.... so I work my way through traffic at about 120 and catch him exiting the freeway... We then go over little mountain.... we are doing about 100 up the very steep climb.... and we come to a twist that I know my car can handle, but would take wide because of the g forces, so I let off the gas.... This kid doesnt.... his car should handle the twist better... I hear his car do everything it can to not hit the guard rail.... and he did miss it, but only barely.... so he passes me at that point... and I let him go on down the road. I know he had to go home and change his shorts.

He should have beat me free and clear. I only have a few more HP than him, and his car is much lighter and agile. yet I should have bought the Hemi.

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