Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ann has nothing to be sorry about.

So what if she called Bin Laden and his goons Ragheads? Why should they only be referred to as freedom fighters? Why should they be given respectful treatment? Uh Oh, we Called him a raghead, we stepped over the line!!!! Instead of wanting Ann to be quiet we should be asking ourselves why we let such Hateful people push us around?

How many people are afraid to speak their minds on Islam because of Death threats? We make the religious here endure "Piss Christ" and other desecrations, yet Islam is off limits?

Can anyone tell me what we called the Germans in WWII? How about the Japanese?

I understand your logic, you want us to disagree, but be "civilized" in our disagreement, Kinda like hijacking airplanes and crashing them into tall civilian buildings....

Bro Gahrie partially agrees with me, while Jaime (she forced feed me coffee in high school to try and sober me up) thinks Ann needs to shut up.

I say we kill Bin Laden, then we wont ave to call him anything after he is pushing up daisies.

Interesting read here.

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