Monday, February 27, 2006

Thinking peace

Wow. People are way to high on themselves. I think the most important thing I ever learned was that just because someone has a title, or a position of power, it doesnt mean they know Jackshit about anything.

Case in point is this loser. He preys upon our children in High School. He makes it clear he only teaches "one side"

"Over the years, I’ve had suggestions from other teachers to offer what they call “balance” in my courses, that I should give students “the other side.” I’m never sure exactly what that means. After assigning students to read Gandhi I should have them also read Carl von Clausewitz? After Martin Luther King’s essay against the Vietnam War, Colin Powell’s memoir favoring the Persian Gulf War? After Justice William Brennan and Thurgood Marshall’s views opposing the death penalty, George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein’s favoring it? After a woman’s account of her using a nonviolent defense against a rapist, the thwarted rapist’s side?"

This brings up several issues. My first issue is that it is a course at a High School. I have a problem with a course that is so one sided and clearly meant to brainwash children into being passive. His paragraph above is telling of his idological bent. Yes, I think having your students read Clausewitz would be a balance. Then, in an attmpt to villify the "opposition" he says the other side to a womans nonviolent defense against a rapist is to show the rapist point of view. How about a womans violent defense against a rapist? His use of two anti death penalty judges compared to Bush and Hussein is another indoctrination attempt. Why didnt he chose to show to pro death penalty judges?

This man should not be allowed to brainwash our children. Let this Hack teach in college, where the kids need to prepared for like minded narrow minded peaceniks who exist because others defend them.

(H/T Malkin)

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