Thursday, March 02, 2006

Expose the unhinged.

First caught wind of this on my way home from work. Talk Radio going to commercial said next up a teachers rant. I got home before they talked about it but jumped on the web and looked it up on Drudge and Malkin. I knew it was going to be a lefty rant, and sure enough it was pure HATE america.

So I went about my morning and FOXNEWS broke in with a walkout happening at that school. I suspect 90% walked out for two reasons. 1. They like a teacher who doesnt teach, and 2. It was an excuse to hang out and leave school. Perhaps 10% was to protest the way the teacher leactures.

I loved how the camera panned the kids leaving school, several of the kids flashed gang signs, no wonder they love the teacher. The "man" is evil. Bush is Hitler. America is evil. Capitalism is evil. COMMUNISM IS GOD. No, not good, GOD.

This teacher should be fired for being unbalanced in his teaching and for trying to indoctrinate children into his fold. It was only in my last post that I talked about a cohort of this man teaching "peace" to High schoolers.

The dad asked the school to do something about the teacher and he wasn't satisfied with the response so he took it to the airwaves. Then the school put the teacher on leave.

He is a rastafarian? He is a self proclaimed rastafarian according to a reporter on FOXNEWS he has a flag in his room. I wonder what he actually means by that? Does he love Reggae and getting High or does he actually believe in the Rastafari movement? The kid who recorded him says he feels threatened at school, he has gotten threatening emails.

Ah the left... I think we need to get more and more conservative students to bring recording devices into their classrooms. Perhaps we would then have balanced teaching.

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