Saturday, March 18, 2006

Globalism sucks and other issues RANT

3rd anniversary of the war in Iraq and more of this garbage.

"No to U.S. warmongering" and "USA out of Iraq," while others held up a U.S. flag with the white stars replaced by dollar signs.

How about go fuck yourselves!! Really. I am aware that we are the big guy on the block and no matter what we do we will have detractors, but enough already. If we were after Money, or oil or conquest wouldnt we be stealing the oil now? Wouldnt we be putting a US general in charge of the Iraqi government, wouldnt we be executing all who disagree with us?

Are we the ones cutting off peoples heads? Are we the ones blowing up innocents in market places?

People often say how cowardly we are for bombing from the air rather than to stand face to face with our enemy. What a crock of shit!! This enemy will not stand and fight. If we fought from the ground we would probably never engage the enemy because they run away when we hit the ground.

Do not get me wrong. They are smart not to stand and fight. They must wage of war of based on the ability to hit a target then disappear to fight again, they cannot stand toe to toe with the US military. In order to combat this process we must be able to strike quickly at stongholds - the air is the best way to do this.

you know, Fuck oil. It is time we get alternate energy sources up and running big time in the United States. WIND, HYDRO, SOLAR and FUEL CELL. As well as different Gasolines.

Then we need to export this technology around the world and let MIDDLE EASTERN oil stay in the gound in the middle east.

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