Saturday, March 11, 2006


It is interesting to read blogs like this which support and campaign for the "migrants". as I wandered through this blog I found it interesting how they blame Xenophobia as the reason for people to dislike "migrants". I see posts refering to other nations illegals at protests, as if the assume that dislike of "migrants" is only in reference to Latino migrants.

They bring up often how we were all immigrants, or children of immigrants(except native american indians). Does that mean since my great grandmother (Lily Kirby) was 100 American indian I get a special vote on the subject?

OK, all Irish, French, German, and (unknown) must leave... Uh oh, thats my other bloodlines. My Grandmother on my fathers side was adopted and we do not know her national origins. I suspect either Hipanic or Indian...

To answer the unasked question, I think ALL illegals should be deported, be they European, Asian, Latino or any other region. If your here illegally you need to go home and apply to come here legally.

I also like the idea of a tax on wire transfers, similiar to this proposal. Dont put $5 max though. Istead make it a standard $5 for any amount less than $500 and $10 for anything above $500.

That tax would bring in 148 million dollars a year. That would baa a good start.

Some would say they would send their money another way... I don't think they would. I once showed a youth how he could transfer money from his account directly to another person account with out paying a wire transfer (he wired transfered alot). I gave him all the tools yet he continues to send money by western union.

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