Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Si se puede"

What is the answer to illegal immigration?  Answers will vary depending on who is talking.  Democrats and Republicans alike do not have a single cohesive answer.  Employers who use the cheap labor do not want to lose that resource.  Conservatives who believe in the rule of law believe we need to deport the illegals.  Bleeding hearts believe we need to allow them to come.  Socialists and Communists want them in to disrupt and change our society.  The list goes on, so what is the answer?

A large pro illegal immigration march took place in Chicago yesterday (Friday march 10th 2006)  Most MSM writers titled their columns “100,000 March in Favor of Immigrant Rights”

They chanted –

  "Si, se puede”

"La raza unida nunca sera vencida."

Yes, they can do what?  Break the Laws of the United States, and if they stay united they will never fail in that endeavor?

Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich said….

"ustedes no son criminales. Ustedes son trabajadores"

Sorry, but they are criminals, and it doesn’t change the fact that they came here illegally and continue to break our laws.

So what is the answer?  I suggest we must protect our borders and deport people who are here illegally as we find them.  Build walls, put troops on the border, what ever it takes to stop the flood of people into this nation.  Then go where we know they are now in this country and deport anyone who does not have a “green” card or proof they are American.

Then, as the price of food goes up we pay that cost.  

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