Saturday, March 25, 2006

Send em back!!!

I keep seeing quotes like this one in all the MSM stories....

"I think it's just inhumane. ... Everybody deserves the right to a better life," Aloy said of the legislation.
"I took today off of work," said Demirel Montiel, 29, who marched with his wife and three children. "I'm here for all the illegal people.
"Everybody's tired, tired that people think we're criminals. If you drive, you're a criminal. If you work, you're a criminal. If you're Mexican, you're a criminal."

"Without immigrants, this country wouldn't be anything," said Anna Benitez, 15, a ninth-grade student who moved to Los Angeles at age 5 with her mother from Mexico. "We're people. We're human beings. We're not criminals. We're in this country to work."

Then in this article by the latimes.
Some 73% of the 877,010 LAUSD students this year are Latino, Morgan said. Huntington Park High School has about 2,850 students.

I wonder how many are Illegal. NO one keeps those stats because they don't want to hlep find and deport illegals.

I wonder what all these people who keep saying we are all human would say if 200 million chinese walked ashore on Redondo Beach. How about another 200 million Indians from india? Each of those countries would hardly notice the loss of that many as they each have a Billion and a Half people each. It is the job of our government to care for OUR people. Not the world.

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