Friday, April 14, 2006


Civilization is nearing its end. I was reading some of the links Malkin provides in her post here about lunatic Lefties. Checking out this University's "why" as to Women's studies.

"Stop and think about how, or even if, women were represented in your education to date. Were women authors found in your texts greatly outnumbered by their male counterparts? Were references to female figures found in history and science texts limited to Betsy Ross, Jean d'Arc, and Marie Curie?
Women have been contributing to history and culture and, yes -- even science, since history, culture, and science have been made and recorded. The plain truth is that women have historically been, and often still are, woefully under-represented in textbooks and curricula.
If you want to embrace the other (neglected) half of just about any discipline, you'll need NKU's Women's Studies Program whose texts and curricula are carefully selected and finely tuned to focus on women's contributions and issues of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Women's Studies isn't just for women. Whether male or female, our focus on women helps to balance your educational experience and broaden your perspectives and expectations.
Additionally, Women's Studies helps to prepare you to interface with women in today's world. Employers are eager to engage professionals who are versed in multi-cultural and gender-neutral principles.
Women's Studies' coursework fulfills NKU's Core Diversity requirements for earning a Bachelors Degree."

yea... Gender Neutral....

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