Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 8 to finish

After Anne Hathaways we went on to warwick Castle and Yecenia really enjoyed it. We sidesteped the 4 pound parking fee by parking about a mile away in a residential zone and walked in. Yecenia liked that she could take pictures and we had fun looking around the Castle. Guy's tower was an interesting climb and descent to say the least.

Day 9

We made our way to Windsor. Yecenia liked the castle, but liked Warwick better because you can take pictures inside, while Windsor does not allow photography in the rooms.

The rest of the trip.

After windsor I intended to spend the remaining days in London, but Yecenia didn't like the big city bustle so we went back to Suffolk instead. We stayed two nights just outside ipswich by Needham market.

We went back to needham market and Yecenia pulled the doorbell at my house. Come to find out the same family that rented to us still owned the house and they invited us in. It was fun to see the old tudor house looking the same as when I lived ther 26 years earlier with only minor inprovements.

They discovered an old well that was in our back yard under boards when I lived there. They built a well up around the old brick they uncovered and it looked very much like the well in the "ring" movies.

The gaumont theater in Ipswich is now the "regent"....

Overall the trip was a lot of fun, Yecenia and I had a good time together with only minimal attitude issues.... As Yecenia puts it..It was Beautiful, but too damn expensive.

When we go back we plan on spending most of our time down by Penzance.

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