Sunday, April 30, 2006

illegal immigration

Was recently told off for using the work "illegal" to describe those who come across the border seeking a better life. Was told it was "hateful".

It is against the law to enter the United States without the proper papers and through the proper entry points. It is also illegal to stay once your visa expires. Therefore I use the term many others use to describe those who do so. "illegal"

Dictionary -

il·le·gal ( P ) Pronunciation Key legalgl)adj.
Prohibited by law.
Prohibited by official rules: an illegal pass in football.
Unacceptable to or not performable by a computer: an illegal operation.

An illegal immigrant.

actionable, banned, black-market*, bootleg*, contraband, criminal, crooked, extralegal, felonious, forbidden, heavy*, hot*, illegitimate, illicit, interdicted, irregular, lawless, not approved, not legal, outlawed, prohibited, proscribed, racket, shady, smuggled, sub-rosa, taboo, unauthorized, unconstitutional, unlawful, unlicensed, unofficial, unwarrantable, unwarranted, verboten, violating, wildcat*, wrongful

now what about undocumented...

un·doc·u·ment·ed ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-dky-mntd)adj.
Not supported by written evidence: undocumented income tax deductions; undocumented accusations.
Not having the needed documents, as for permission to live or work in a foreign country.

A person not having proper documentation, especially for immigration.

Notice the change in meaning? Illegal Immigrant compared to undocumented immigrant? Now switch out worker for immigrant.... now its not someone breaking the laws of the United States, its a hard working person whose papers are incorrect.

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