Friday, April 14, 2006


Osama is just waiting for the right offer. Perhaps Cicciolina's offer to let him haver her will persuade him. Some suggest he is dead, I suggest he has changed his mind and is currently living in London. He shaved his beard and cut his hair and he is now the night manager at a Moto service stop at the M4 Heston service exit. He provides terrible food at unbelieveable prices and laughs as we spend our money there. Want a two liter bottle of coke? that will be 1 pound and 66 pence please...(3 bucks for a two liter coke!!!!!!)... In the same center he has a Burger King.... want a whopper that will be 3 pounds and 49 pence please..... yea, you heard me..... 6 bucks for a whopper..
Osama is there... next time you land at heathrow get on the M4 eastbound, exit at the service exit about 10 miles up the road.... He is there I tell you.... and he is making a fortune.

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