Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Just been goofingoff for the last two weeks, havent made the time to post. No excuses. I changed my shift at work... It is working out alright.

Other events....

- I have been on a high for a few days now. I won first place in Lair's deadpool caption contest.

- Three days ago I had fun and said "fuck" more times that in a span of five minutes than I ha... well, I said it alot. I was leaving my house on my way to work. I get in my car, hit the garage door opener, I hear it start to open... then I start my car and put it in reverse..... Then I hear the crushing of the garage door as it hasnt opened completely yet..... I get out of the car "fuck, fuck fuck".... I look at the door.... "fuck fuck fuck fuck" I look at my car. "fuck fuck fuck fuck" I look at my wife who has opened the door from the house to see what all the commotion is..... I look away from her.... fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.... I pound the bottom panel back into its track.... "fuck fuck fuck" I unhook it from the garage door opener and open it myself.... Fuck fuck fuck. I pound out the dent on the top of my Dodge Magnun.... Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I give my wife a kiss and head off to work, telling her to lock the garage door with the side slide.

- Brother Gahrie has asked I bring over a "snake" to fix his sink which is clogged up.... been a week, perhaps I will do it today.... Atleast he isnt asking me to snake his toilet.

- Watched "the new world" If you haven't seen it save your money I beg of you. Pocahontas 1&2 done by Disney is a better presenatation of the story. To say it sucked is an understatement.

Still breathing, still married... life is good.

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