Tuesday, May 16, 2006

San Berdo and Illegal immigration

wow, we are in the new again, and this time it is on illegal immigration. I watched the council meeting from home on our local access channel. The article above nor this one do the over four hour meeting justice.

While I do not think it will stand court review I need my local government to do something in order for me to vote "no" on it in 90 to 135 days. I see no action, just excuses from those we elect. The council has asked us to pay the councilmen and women 12% of the annual income of a california supreme court judge - I will vote yes for that if you will deport people you come accross who are illegal. Sweeping Home Depot on 21st street would be a start, but I am not even asking for that to happen. How about if someone is stopped while breaking a law (besides being here illegally) and it is determined they are ilegal we deport them!!! I am not talking about catch and release I am talking about dropping them off at the border.

During the meeting someone asked (to paraphrase)what would you have us do, build a fortress around San bernardino? No I do not ask for a fortress how about just a shining example on the hill of a city who believes in enforcing laws and holding each other accountable?

Some of the lovely activists have threatened to march on San Bernardino, as well as take their business elsewhere... I ask the city that when they come to protest you check their status. I will have my identification available, you can stop and check my family anytime you wish.

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