Thursday, June 15, 2006


Wife went home to see one of her nephews graduate from High School. He is a good kid. Not sure of his GPA, but I am sure it is better than my 2.35 in H.S. He is going to go to College of the desert for a couple of years than tranfer to a four year college. Smart idea in that it saves Money on tuition and room and board in that he can live at home.

Anyways, wife had me write a letter to him, hoping that I smehow tranfer something i have to him. I did this for another nephew and it didn't work. I guess my wife doesn't give up easily. This one is better centered and might be more willing to listen to what I have to say about life. I warned my wife that what I say in one letter will not make up for a lifetime of example. His life will be what he draws on, not my letter.

On the way home Yecenia gets sick and throws up into a cup while driving in the fast lane of the freeway..... Lovely. She pulled into the garage at home around 1130pm and is't wearing pants (just panties). OK, where did she take them off? Alongside the freeway? In a bathroom at a reststop? Probably the former, I havent asked her yet...

Daughter Daisy walked like a zombie out of the car and dropped like a sack of potatoes onto her bed.

My Son Nathan (who stayed home with me) refused to go to bed and knocked out about midnight watching "high school musical" for the 10th time today... He is currently watching Disney channel, coloring and spreading out his toys through-out the living room. I think it is how he marks his territory. If you can't walk through an area without kicking or stepping on a dinosaur then that area belongs to King Nathan.

...wife may be sick, but she made it to work, I guess I will clean up the livingroom just before she gets home. Anyone who is a parent knows not to clean up until just before the other gets home, to do otherwise just means you have to clean up again.

Stay tuned - life continues.

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