Thursday, June 15, 2006

Movie review - Xmen 3

NIce action movie surrounding a simple plot. All 5 main X-men are in this one, but not for long. I guess when it comes to Superhero movies "dead" is relative and anyone can come back.

This movie should have happened 2 or 3 movies down the line. It was too short of a run to end this way. They set it up from the get go as a triology, but in my eyes that is a mistake. I am sure someone somewhere figured that movies make the most money when they run in three's, with any fourth movie losing enough money on average to teach movie studios not to make them. Yet they are already going to make another movie, perhaps several. They will call them prequels or spin offs, but they are just a continuation of the storyline.

There a huge Xmen universe out there that hasn't been explored.

The move has a fast pace which I really liked. my bigest problem with all three Xmen movies is the lack of really showing the powers of many of the Mutants. I guess they found it hard to show them on the big screen in a cohesive way but it disappoints when colossus has a small role, that cyclops never really shows his true powers in battle, etc.

My Daughter Daisy and I enjoyed the movie overall. Its fast pace and action packed with surprising twists.

Its already on my netflix queue wanting for its DVD release.

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