Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Woke up this morning to someone leaving a message on my answering machine... in Spainish. Guess it is for my wife... went back to bed, didn't wake up wife, she wouldn't appreciate it.

Wife and Kids then got up after I went back to bed and Daisy went to school. When I awoke The wife reminded me again of the leaking sprinkler valve in the backyard.

Off I went to Home depot in San Bernardino. Crowded and full of rude people. It doesnt have what I want so I decide to go to the one in Redlands. It is a newer store so I suspect it will have what I need.

Before I go I remember that my daughter said my wife was going to go to her school and help out in the afternoon so I rush back home and pick up my son so she can go to the school.... She doesnt even realize how I went out of my way to make sure she could do what she promised for my daughter. I guess you don't do good to be priased for it.

I get to the home depot in redlands and it is a better store, but it is set up screwy. The PVC pipe is two aisles away from the sprinkler valves and sprinklers.... very annoying.

Customers in this one are just as rude as the one in San bernardino.

While there I also picked up a electric lawnmower. I paid 240 for it. could have bought the cordless electric one but I find "cordless" electric lawntools to be lacking.....

Now My wife will have to let her gardner go. I suspect he is illegal. so sorry.... Gringo will be cutting his own lawn again. perhaps you will do more than just cut and edge the front and back lawns the next time we give you a chance. 60 bucks a month for that? Since you want to charge another 60 bucks to do my side slope I had to do it myself... Took me 20 minutes. I do it once, maybe twice a year. Had you done it as part of your normal cost I'd imagine you still be raking in the 60 bucks a month.
So in four months I will have paid for the lawn mower I just bought.....

Wife likes to see me working around the house.... As if I do not work.

I will try to get the wife to take the 60 bucks she was spending on the gardner and put it into two savings accounts for my kids. If she does I will match it.....

On a sad note looks like I was slow on checking my email and lost my chance to be in Ron's Fantasy football league this year. Oh well. Disappointing but I have decided not to end my life over it. Ron was kind enough to join a more relaxed league I made. Thanks Ron.


My Wife didn't mind canceling the gardner nor putting the money into bank accounts for my kids.... Then the real shocker... the gardner was getting paid 70 bucks a month!!!!! Just to mow the lawn in the front and back, no pruning, no planting, just mowing and edging...... Theres 840 bucks a year to each of my childs college fund now!!!!!

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