Thursday, July 06, 2006

Say it enough and it is true.

Numerous times i have read articles on various issues that seem to always gravitate to the fact that the USA is a racist country. Look at this article... It is about the new PSP color of "white" now notice the spelling of color.... Obviously a limey writing this.

"It's questionable, however, whether the world is ready to explore themes of race and domination in the context of a videogame console ad. Although not as wilfully controversial as Benetton's infamous 'United Colours' campaign, many viewers will be unwilling or unable to decode the imagery until it becomes about two different colours of plastic.
Importantly perhaps, the ads are for the European release of the white PSP and are appearing on billboards in Amsterdam rather than in the US where racial tension remains a fraught issue.

perhaps these limey's need to look in the mirror just a little bit more. To say that they are not "fraught" with racial tension is laughable.

This type of nonsense is repeated often in the mainstream press as fact. I guess it is the same self hatred that they show when they saw we are less cultured than Europe. It is so naive of the British to think they do not have a MAJOR problem with race relations in the UK.

There will be a tipping point soon, and I guess I will just say, "I told ya so"

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